Abby Slagel January Member of the Month

Abby preparing for beast mode!

Q: What got you started working out?
A: I have always been active, but having a desk job and getting home to my kids I was not finding the time for myself. I started working out on my lunch hour and haven’t looked back!

Q: How many days per week do you typically work out? What groups are you a part of?
A: Not every day is a sweat session, but I try to move my body 5 days a week.
Monday and Wednesday are typically lifting/cardio. Tuesday and Thursday are active rest days. Friday is cardio.

I am not currently attending any group sessions, but I have in the past. Lean & Strong over the lunch hour! We had a blast. Aging Strong, I did this with my mother in law a few times. Great group of people! Zumba! I love to dance, I used to participate 2 days a week and can still remember the routines! LOL

Q: What’s your favorite exercise?
A: Squats! I have always had very strong legs.

Q: What’s your favorite post-workout meal/snack?
A: Since I workout over my lunch hour, I get to eat lunch as soon as I am done. Anything with peanut butter is my go to.

Q: What do you find most challenging about working out?
A: Deciding how much weight to start with. This can be difficult when Mary and I are doing a building session, often find ourselves starting WAY to heavy! LOL

Q: What keeps you motivated to work out regularly?
A: My gym partner Mary Foutch! We continuously push each other even on the days neither one of us feel like it. We know if we just go do anything for 30-45 minutes, we are immediately in a better mood and mindset.

Abby and Mary goofing around.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who’s thinking about getting started in the gym?
A: I get it! Walking into a gym can be scaring and intimidating if you have never been in one. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We all started somewhere. Find the time! You will thank yourself.

Q: What is something you couldn’t do when you started, that you can do now?
A: A handstand push up!

Q: What fitness accomplishment are you most proud of?
A: Never in my life did I think I would say this…… running a constant mile without stopping! This is recent…. like within the past couple of weeks. I loathed running! However, since Katrina has aided us in the training of how to start, and here Mary and I are killing it! 😉

Q: What goals are you working on now?
A: Nutrition!!! Always working on nutrition.

Abby and her family!

Q: Tell us a random fact about yourself that people might not know:
A: Mary and I have been friends for 35 years!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working out at The Strength Collective?
A: The people you encounter. Smiling, saying hi, encouraging, and giving each other a hard time when we haven’t crossed paths for a few days.

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