Josh Kramer- January’s Member of the Month at The Strength Collective

January is the month when most people are just getting started on their fitness journeys, and we are so excited to help those people! BUT we also want to take the time to give a shout out to our members who have been working on themselves for months or years- including this month’s member of the month- Josh Kramer!

Josh is a 38 year old police officer and an OG supporter of The Strength Collective. Read more about him and his fitness journey below:

Q: What got you started working out?
A: My self image and wanting to be physically strong for any confrontation I might encounter.

Q: How many days per week do you typically work out?
A: 2-5 times. Not enough!!

Q: What’s your favorite exercise?
A: Lifting (probably doing shoulders)

Q: What’s your favorite post-workout meal/snack?
A: Vanilla protein shake mixed with cellmass

Q: What do you find most challenging about working out?
A: Finding time to

Q: How do you stay motivated to work out consistently?
A: That’s tough!! I have to say staying conditioned for the fight.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who’s thinking about starting or just getting started in the gym?
A: Don’t think the models you see in fitness magazines are the people you’re gonna see at the gym. Sure there might be a couple but for the most part everyone is there just like you. Don’t be afraid to ask others in the gym for advice. Most regulars at the gym are willing to help and take it as a compliment that you’re asking us .

Q: What fitness accomplishment are you most proud of?
A: This is tough. I used to be skinny full of might but not strong. I saw this as my weakness so I dedicated myself to bulking up. Since then I’ve shredded weight staying strong. so I’d have to say my overall results are my most accomplished.

Q: Tell us a random fact about yourself that people might not know:
A: I like to help others .

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working out at The Strength Collective?
A: I love the atmosphere!! Freedom to do whatever workout I choose and not being judged by if I make noise or by the shirt I’m wearing!!

Thank you Josh for being a member of our fit fam, and thank you for your commitment to serving and protecting our community! We appreciate you!

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