Personal Training

Fully Customized

Personal Training workouts are fully customized based on YOUR goals and current fitness level. If you have injuries or pain those can be worked around and you will learn techniques to prevent injury and pain the future. 

Fits Your Schedule

Our Certified Personal Trainer will help you determine what frequency of training best fits your lifestyle, your budget, and your goals.  

Pushes Your Limits

Most people are capable of much more than they imagine. Push yourself without fear of injury with a trainer who can see your potential but understands your limits too.  

Meet Your Coaches

Head Coach Jenna Dorethy

Katrina Brown

Kary Dorethy

Matt Smith

Jeanine Fox

What Clients Are Saying About Personal Training

“I have been working with Jenna for a little over a year and I can say, it has definitely made a difference.  I have seen it not only in my motivation and energy but also in my overall health and wellness.  I purposefully make my appointments in the early morning so that it forces me to get up and get moving.  I have been doing different types of exercise with Jenna that I never thought I would do and I can definitely tell the difference in my entire day after working out with Jenna in the morning from the days I do as opposed to the days I don’t. “

-Stacy B. 

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